Generating immunotherapies that enhance innate
& adaptive immunity to control cancer


Adanate is a biotechnology company developing antibodies against key receptors on the surface of both innate and adaptive immune cells. Dual modulation of the body’s immunity could provide a novel treatment strategy that allows for better control of cancer.



Our technology is based on the immune-regulating capacity of a family of receptors called leukocyte immunoglobulin-like receptor B (LILRBs). These receptors are key in orchestrating a coordinated effort to dampen innate and adaptive immunity across multiple cell types including macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and T-cells. In tumor environments within the body, these receptors promote an inhibitory effect on immune cells allowing the tumor to grow. We are focusing our efforts on reversing this attenuation to enhance function of both innate and adaptive cell types.


We are developing antibody therapeutics that block the inhibitory function of the LILRB family of receptors to upregulate the activity of both innate and adaptive immunity. In addition to cancer-fighting potential, our antibodies could provide an important opportunity to enhance the host’s ability to combat infectious and auto-immune diseases. Eliminating the function of LILRBs has been shown to:


Immunotherapy has recently been shown to increase the survival of patients with different types of cancer. Numerous patients, however, are not well served by the currently approved immune checkpoint inhibitors and new treatment options continue to be needed for this underserved group of patients. Enhancing both innate and adaptive immunity through the LILRB family of receptors provides a novel treatment strategy for patients suffering from cancer, as well as holds potential to address unmet needs in infectious disease and auto-immune disorders.


The Adanate team is committed to developing novel therapeutics that can help the immune system fight cancer. The leadership team’s extensive scientific understanding combined with business knowhow will allow for acceleration of product candidates toward clinical development.

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